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Specialising in the assessment and management of Communication and Swallowing difficulties associated with Acquired Brain Injuries, Post-Stroke, Progressive Neurodegenerative Diseases and Disabilities.

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Neurological Speech Pathology

We specialise in the management of swallowing and communication difficulties associated with the neurological and disability populations with various conditions and complex needs:

➤ Stroke
➤ Acquired Brain Injury
 Parkinson’s Disease
➤ Multiple System Atrophy
➤ Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
➤ Multiple Sclerosis
➤ Motor Neuron Disease
➤ Huntington’s Disease
➤ Dementia
➤ Primary Progressive Aphasia
➤ Ataxia
➤ Intellectual Disability
➤ Hearing Loss
➤ Other Progressive Neurological & Neuromuscular Conditions
➤ Developmental and Psychosocial Disabilities

The list is not exhaustive. If you have a condition or disability that is not listed above, please get in touch with us to discuss.

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Aphasia and Communication
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Social Communication
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Voice Therapy
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Assistive Technology
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Aged Care Visits
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Swallow Assessments and Mealtime Management


We Come To You!

We service a large catchment area throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs for home visits and community sessions.

– South-East Suburbs
– Eastern Suburbs
– Bayside
– Northern Suburbs
– Western Suburbs
– City of Greater Geelong
– Yarra Ranges
– Mornington Peninsula

If you live outside of our regular catchment areas, please get in touch with us on 1800 719 867 to discuss your options. We may be able to offer services on a special arrangement. 


Healthcare is a human right. No one should be denied rehabilitation or therapy services because of their geographical location or personal circumstances.

Our Specialist Telehealth Service is available to people who live outside of Melbourne or those who prefer online appointment.

Gain equal access to our innovative service with our online platform – no matter where you live!

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What Sets US Apart?

Specialist Support

Neurological Speech Pathology is our specialty. We are experts in the brain and the nervous system! We understand the neuroscience of treatment and the unique challenges that people living with a neurological condition or disability can face.

We receive further study and additional training in the neurological space and incorporate our knowledge in neuroplasticity in providing therapy that is individualised for the person.

Accessible Services

Our service is available across Melbourne! We travel to where therapy is needed the most - home, community, workplace, aged care facility and group accommodation.

We also offer specialist telehealth sessions across Australia for our regional and interstate clients, so anyone who is in need can receive the supports they deserve.

Person Centred Approach

We have a strong focus on developing strong connection with our clients as we believe the best intervention should be tailored for the person.

At iBrain, we love FUNctional and meaningful therapy that is person-centred, evidence-based and outcomes driven! Yes, we try to make it FUN whenever we can! And the aim is always to enhance participation and independence in life.

Innovative Practice

We are at the forefront of innovation and are always seeking new ways to support our clients.

Within our practice, world-class technology from overseas and innovative approaches are often employed to help our clients to proactively enhance therapy outcomes and improve their quality of life!

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The latest research highlights that advanced communication and assistive technologies can play an important role in the processes of speech pathology: improving therapy outcomes, promoting self-cueing of speech, supporting remote and multimodal communicative interactions.

We believe that Assistive Technology IS NOT a last resort, but a tool that should be introduced early on in rehabilitation. Indeed, it is regularly integrated into our daily practice.


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About Us

At iBrain, we have a dedicated and passionate team that specialises in working with the neurological and disability population.

We offer Home and Community-based services across metro Melbourne and Specialist Telehealth Support across Australia.

Contact us today to find out more about our speech pathology services today!

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